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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Latest Craft Project

I needed a book for taking notes during my bible study times. I came up with this:

I plan to make another book for prayer requests.


AnneK said...

I think I have mentioned it a couple of times before, I am not artsy/crafty. When I went to this work conference last week, there was a woman from another office wearing some amazing jewellery she created herself. I was blown away! She said it was very simple (for her!) I decided I am going to try it although I hardly wear jewellery. She made it sound so easy. I am going to feel like a total dork if I can't do it. :)

Have you done that and if you did, do you have any advice?

Ewokgirl said...

I've never made jewelry, and I don't intend to for a few reasons:

1) A couple of my close friends make it, so I don't need to.

2) I get completely overwhelmed by too many choices. If I made jewelry, I'd have too much to choose from every day, and that would make me insane.

3) My paper, and now sewing, projects eat up enough of my money; I can't afford another craft! :-)

I will say that virtually any craft can look daunting when you've never done it. I was hesitant to try embossing with my papers because it sounded complicated. Once I tried it, though, I realized that it's unbelievably simple. I've learned that a lot of things are that way.

My advice to you would be to check out some jewelry-making books at the library that have simple, clear directions, then go from there. If you can, make do with the tools you already have at home; you don't want to buy special stuff until you know you like and enjoy doing something.

And truthfully, I didn't used to think of myself as crafty/artsy, either.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Very pretty! Unfortunately, I am not able to make such beautiful things!



ashley @ twentysixcats said...

Beautiful! Our of curiosity, where do you get your stamping supplies and paper? I am just starting out stamping - I want to do all these crafty things like you. :-) I got a few stamps to start, but need more!

Ewokgirl said...

Thank you!

Ashley, all the bible verse stamps were purchased at Hobby Lobby. My various other stamps were purchased there, Michaels, and Joann's. There are also a ton of stores online that sell stamps. I even bought a few on Ebay, which is a great source for getting them less expensively. If you buy them unmounted, that saves even more. You have to have mounting blocks if you do that, though. They're fairly inexpensive.