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Monday, November 16, 2009

Noel Swap

I recently participated in a Noel Swap hosted by sisters Carrie and Monica. I was paired with Becky and was pleased to learn that we have a number of things in common, including general location! We both live in the Dallas area.

Becky positively spoiled me with the box of goodies she sent! I adore all things Martha Stewart, and she sent me 2 Martha books. I had a great time going through them and finding new projects I'd like to try.

I'd told her that I adore Christmas movies, so she sent me one, along with some other relaxing items. (The soap smells heavenly!)

For traditional Christmas activities, a fabulous ornament in my favorite color, and some gorgeous notecards.

And finally, 2 beautiful mugs, 2 darling Christmas kitchen towels, some tissues in cute packaging, and tea for a hot drink.

I love it all! As I said, she truly spoiled me!

As for what I sent, I enjoyed putting a package together for her. We learned that in addition to sharing a love of the color pink (hence my choice to send her soft pink gloves for those few days it actually gets cold here in Dallas), we both like the Muppets. Her family has a tradition of watching A Muppet Christmas Carol, and my favorite Christmas movie is It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas. She said she'd never seen it before, so I sent her a copy.

I got a little crafty with a few other items. As peppermint is a favorite holiday scent of mine, I sent her a bottle of homemade peppermint spray. Also, a jar of French lavender body scrub (a Martha recipe, of course) and a plethora of Christmas tags.

I sent 2 other things that I forgot to take pictures of: a silver photo box for Christmas memories and a bag of cinnamon from Pendery's World of Spices in Fort Worth. Can't do holiday baking without high-quality cinnamon!

You can see what other bloggers swapped here. Thanks to Carrie and Monica for organizing this!


*carrie* said...

What fun boxes, Anne Marie! I had to smile because I promise that the shared location had nothing to do with you being paired--I read both of your questionnaires and thought you'd be a good match. It was just a funny coincidence that you live in the same area!

thehomespunheart said...

Fun! I love all the handmade goodies! Great job - glad it was fun for you!


Amy W said...

How fun!! My girls & I participate in a swap on one of my soap lists. It's so fun to get the kids involved as well. We've exchanged homemade food items as well as bath & body stuff. Love it!

Cassie said...

Great little swap you did! I really love the ornament she sent. Oh and the Martha books of course. I also love all things Martha! :)