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Friday, November 6, 2009

A Rather Belated Halloween Party Post

I have a new computer, and I've been trying to transfer stuff from one computer to the other, so I haven't been updating here. Obviously. But now that I have Photoshop downloaded, I'm finally getting around to posting pics of our Halloween party.

My theme for the table was as some of you guessed: Miss Havisham's wedding banquet.

I made the "rotting" wedding cake out of styrofoam and papier mache, and Steven gave it the extra old look with some spray paint. When getting ready for the party, I dealt with the food and put Steven in charge of the decor. I think he did a great job! I did have to mix-and-match the china, as we had 10 people for dinner. I have 2 sets of fine china, but one set has 9 place settings and the other has only 8. Oh well.

The table full of appetizers:

Now for the costumes. Unfortunately, I had to leave my husband in charge of the camera, as I was cooking the main course, so he didn't get everyone as they came in. For example, Sandy and Glenn came dressed as Swine Flu and a bottle of Germ X. No photo of them together or with their costumes all in place. So, anyway, here you go:

I was supposed to be dressed as Miss Havisham, but the costume didn't work out. I pulled out an old dance costume from high school and went as a geisha instead. Yeah, the makeup isn't great, but it served its purpose.

And now for my husband's costume that he worked so hard on. He decided to be a creepy scarecrow this year:

He won Most Disturbing at work this year. Um, yeah... Still not sure if I'm proud or horrified. Really, I think he did a great job on his costume. However, it caused a little issue when it came to answering the door to trick-or-treaters. Steven wanted to greet our party guests at the door looking all creepy, but we didn't know who was actually at the door when the bell rang. So every time the doorbell rang, I'd race to get to the door ahead of him so that there would be a smiling face at the door and not just Mr. Creepy if kids were on the porch. As soon as our last guests arrived, I made him take it off for answering the door. It's amazing what a difference that made! When he was in costume, the kids would just stand and stare in total silence. No chat, no thank yous, just silence. Once he was unmasked and dressed normally, they were talkative and expressed thanks for the candy. Funny how that works.

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Niktom said...

WOW! That scarecrow is amazing! Please pass along my compliments! Think I would have wet myself if I'd been at the door when he answered it.