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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Free Comic Book Day

Saturday, May 1st was Free Comic Book Day. Stormtroopers all over the metroplex went to area comic book stores to help with this event. Steven helped out at Boomerang Comics. I'm not much interested in comic book stores because they're really not my thing, but I do like this store. The owner is very nice and helped me out a couple of years ago in tracking something down for Steven's birthday, and the store doesn't smell funky. That last bit may sound weird, but most comics stores have this odor about them--a sort of warm, oily smell that comes from too many people who don't wash their clothes (or possibly even themselves) enough. All I can figure is that the owners of those stores don't clean themselves, much less their stores, enough. Ick. Boomerang's isn't that way, thankfully.

It's always fun to see people's reactions when there's an actual stormtrooper standing there. People always want to take photos.

I was just glad to finally have something Star Wars-related to post! Steven hadn't been in his armor since December.

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Beth said...

We are huge "Free Comic Book Day" fans and now I am thinking how much more fun we'd have had if we had a stormtrooper at ours, too.