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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The IV Chronicles

We gave Calvin an IV last night, as he'd spent the day hiding in the closet. (That's one of his I-don't-feel-good behaviors.) He was also very quiet yesterday, which also signals that he's feeling yucky. He likes to talk a lot, so quiet days are worrisome.

We bring him into the guest bathroom and plop him on the counter to administer the fluids. I have to scruff him to keep him calm and still while Steven preps the IV and sticks him. (I had to warn Steven the first time that Calvin screams like a little girl whenever he has needles stuck in him. I'm used to it since I'm always the one to bring him to the vet, but Steven didn't know, and I was afraid he'd be freaked if he stuck the cat, and the cat screamed.) But last night, Calvin only flinched. No yelling.

However, fluids started running all over my hand. I started yelling, "He leaking! HE'S LEAKING!" Steven leaped on the cat to figure out what was going on. I told him he must have poked the needle into him, then stuck it right back out another spot. So, he fumbled a bit with the needle, pulling it back slightly, and the cat was now getting fluids inside him rather than outside.

Meanwhile, Doogie had followed us into the bathroom. He's so utterly clueless about just about everything. Dumb, but blissfully happy. He jumped up on the counter and seemed oblivious to what was going on with Calvin. He started rubbing his nose on the sink faucet, which is his signal that he wants it turned on so that he can drink from the sink. He kept turning around and looking at me like, "Mommy! Stop giving all the attention to Calvin! I want some water!" Then he started to walk by Calvin so that I'd be sure to see him. I was worried he was going to bump Calvin's needle, but he didn't. (Note to self: Lock Doogie out of bathroom next time.)

Calvin did well through most of his IV, but he started fussing towards the end. We finished the IV, Steven removed it, and we let the boys out of the bathroom. Poor Steven kept saying, "I poked a hole in my cat! I poked a hole in my cat!" He felt soooo bad about the leaking incident. I reminded him that Calvin didn't even cry, so it's okay. But he spent the rest of the evening beating himself up over it.

Life is never dull around here.

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