Married to the Empire

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Calvin Benefits in a Sad Way

Calvin received a gift last week. 

Steven has a coworker whose cat also had kidney disease.  He had to put his cat to sleep last week, and he passed on his cat's IV bag, needles, and meds to our Calvin.  It's such a sweet gesture that just breaks my heart.  This is the second time Calvin has benefitted from another cat's death from kidney disease.  How does one sufficiently thank someone for giving up what once meant life for their pet?

I've made him a card, and I will spend the afternoon baking.  Baked goods can never say how sorry we are for his loss, but they can, at least, let him know he's on our hearts and minds. 


Rhonda said...

that is bittersweet, but how nice that they thought about Calvin even though they are missing their cat.

Ms. Oomph said...

Sorry to hear this, but I have to say, I LOVE that card you made! Sweet and classy.