Married to the Empire

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Life Continued

I dropped off a loaf of freshly-baked bread, along with a sympathy card, for my friends Karen and Dan, who lost their dear cat Fuzzy last week. Fuzzy, like Calvin, had kidney disease. While I was at their house, they gave me all of Fuzzy's renal food.

It was one of those bittersweet moments. I didn't really know what to say, apart from, "Thank you." Their hearts were breaking, and I felt a little guilty, as if I were benefitting from their cat's death. They assured me that it was actually helping them to give Fuzzy's food to Calvin; they felt better knowing that her things would help keep another cat with the same awful disease alive. And yet, my steps felt heavy as I left their house, carrying the very nourishment that once helped sustain the life of their beloved pet. I was grateful for my own boy, but sad in their loss.

And this, I guess, is the reality of life. The loss of one now goes to help sustain the life of another. Calvin can't be grateful for Fuzzy's gift; he's too caught up in his own feline anger over the loss of his former diet. But as his owner, his "mama," I'm so very thankful for my friends who can be giving, even in their moments of deepest grief.


LLMajer said...

Hey, Ewokgirl! So sorry to hear about Fuzzy but yes, it is the circle of life that Fuzzy is able to help Calvin. Was Fuzzy named for the "Get Fuzzy" cartoon? As a cat "parent", that is one of my fave cartoons, so I was just wondering.

Ewokgirl said...

I don't think that comic strip was around when Fuzzy was born. (I love Get Fuzzy, too!) I believe she was so named because she was a fuzzy little ball of fur when she showed up on my friend's doorstep 20 years ago.

Cathy VanPatten said...

I just got back from taking Shelly's food upstairs to my neighbor and good friend. She has three cats, and I know that money is tight for them now. It does help to know that her passing has helped other kitties.

Yeah, we had to have her put to sleep yesterday evening. She went downhill fast this time, once she stopped eating, and then she started crying--she was obviously in terrible distress. It's only been a day, and we miss her so much.

Give Calvin and Doogie big hugs and lots of tickles behind the ears! They are such good boys!

Ewokgirl said...

Cathy, I'm so very, very sorry. I'm going to miss hearing about your beautiful Diva Cat.

Steven and I both gave Calvin and Doogie hugs and head scratches in honor of Shelly and Fuzzy. Each day truly is a gift.

Bev said...

It was very sweet of you to take bread to the family! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Sue said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Fuzzy the Cat! I know cats aren't human, but they sure do worm their way into our hearts and become members of the family.