Married to the Empire

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Polymer Clay

I've been sick for the past few days and not feeling up to doing much of anything. However, I'm a bit restless, wanting to do something, but not having the energy to do much of anything. So, I decided to try out a new craft.

I got the idea from something I saw on Etsy. Hobby Lobby had polymer clay on sale for 99 cents a package a couple of weeks ago, so I decided to buy some and play around with it. I pulled out my Star Wars stamps, as well as some holographic figures with Rebel symbols on the bottoms.

I stamped a few Rebel and Imperial symbols, as well as a few words such as believe, hope, and dream.

The clay was pretty easy to work with, and everything turned out well enough, so I think I've found an enjoyable new medium with which to work. The best part about it was I could do it all on a tray table in the living room while I watched a DVD. It didn't make a huge mess the way my paper crafts always do. I'll put up some pictures later this week of what I'm doing with what I've made.


ashley @ twentysixcats said...

My husband loves playing around with clay. :-) One year he made me the most beautiful rose out of the clay! Here's a picture. Yours look nice! I am glad you found a new crafty hobby. :-) I look forward to being able to pursue arts and crafts more whenever I quit work.

Ewokgirl said...

Oh, wow! That rose is quite impressive! My stuff is just run-of-the-mill playing around quality, meaning, I didn't know what I was doing! I did wind up going out yesterday (I desperately needed out of the house!) and buying some tools specifically for working with clay. That should help in the future when I get a little more serious.

It's definitely fun stuff to play with!

Jen said...

FIMO clay is so much fun! (FIMO is just the namebrand...) My Aunt - - has been making miniatures for years! You name it, she can make it. She makes food for dollhouses (string beans, pot roast, curling cabbages, corn on the cob...), little elves, all sorts of stuff. I will have to get her to post some of her items so everyone can enjoy.

Kristen said...

Wow! Let me know what you make out of those Jedi/Empire symbols. I'm looking for ideas for my 6-year-old's upcoming Clone Wars birthday.

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

Paul worked at a bakery for a while, and he learned how to make roses for decorating cakes. He transferred the same knowledge to clay - hence the rose. He said it isn't hard once you know how to do it.