Married to the Empire

Saturday, September 6, 2008

When Stormtroopers Get Together Socially

It's often still Star-Wars related.

We were invited over to Brian's and Kameron's home for a Falcon Party. Brian found the $200 Millennium Falcons that all the guys were drooling over for only $50 each. He bought a few, then offered them up to some of the other stormtroopers. Steven jumped at the chance to get this awesome new piece for his collection for such a low price. (And let me tell you, even I am impressed with how cool this ship is! Definitely worth spending $50. But not so much at the original $200 price.)

We were having a little trouble finding the house, but then Steven said something about their home being obvious. I assumed he was referring to the sheriff's car in the driveway, but Steven pointed up:

Yeah, I'd say that a stormtrooper flag is an obvious sign that we'd found the right house. (When I stepped out of the car and started snapping pictures, Brian said, "We're getting blogged!" I'm so transparent.)

Kameron prepared a delicious dinner for us, then we all went to check out the Star Wars Room:

Of course, they have Star Wars stuff in other parts of their house. Like the living room, which I forgot to take pictures of. I'm beginning to think that I'm the only wife who doesn't let the Star Wars decor seep out into other parts of the house. (Check out Mike and Lindy's house, for example.)

Then, it was time to get out the Millennium Falcons. Steven was quite excited to pull his out:

The guys did their thing while Lindy, Kameron, and I chatted:

I snapped a picture of a couple of the Falcons sitting side-by-side. Brian is standing behind them:

After the Falcons were assembled, the guys pulled out the XBox and played a Star Wars Lego game. (That's Mike's back, by the way, and if you look off to the right, you can see some of the Star Wars decor for the living room.)

I even tried out the game and liked it. We have a Wii, not an Xbox, but I was told that they make this game for the Wii. I think we might have to get it. Part of what I like is that your character can die, but comes right back to life without having to start over. Since I'm a pretty inexperienced gamer, that's my kind of game!

It's fun to get together with these couples outside of 501st events. We actually have a lot in common outside of Star Wars, which is good for me since I'm the only one not in the 501st Legion. (Kameron and Lindy are both in the 501st. I don't even do costumes, although they were attempting to talk me into doing a Sith cheerleader outfit with them.)


~Kimber said...

Oh, you totally would LOVE the Lego Star Wars game for Wii!! We have it for Xbox, but have dear friends who have it for the Wii, so we've played it on both systems.
I also agree that it's very inexperienced-gamer friendly...i.e. ME and my 5-year-old son! In fact, our family is personally responsible for the fact that our friend's son (also age 5) is obsessed with the game. He played it at our house, begged until they got the game for their Wii, and the rest, as they say, is history.
On that thought maybe I should advise against getting the game given that it is obsession-prone?? Ha ha.

Maureen said...

Ha! I have successfully kept my Star Wars obsession, er "collection" to our basement. It's my way of keeping the rest of the family sane. Although, I must admit I have taken over 3/4 of said basement, but whatever... ;)