Married to the Empire

Monday, September 1, 2008

I Have a New Identity

I'm now an elder's wife. Yep, my husband officially became an elder of our church yesterday. We have a very trusting congregation to put the welfare of the church in this guy's hands:

All kidding aside, it really is a great honor and responsibility, and I couldn't be more proud of him!

(For anyone wondering, that gun isn't real. It's some sort of stormtrooper replica gun made of rubber. Combined with his stormtrooper belt, Imperial officer boots and hat, and shorts and t-shirt, it makes a real statement!)


Leah S said...

I think the biggest clue that the gun isn't real is the fact that your husband has his finger on the trigger. No knowledgeable gun owner would ever do that until they were aiming exactly at what they wanted to shoot. ;)

ann said...

That's wonderful news! And I love the humor of posting this picture with the announcement :)

Lynn said...

Cute outfit. My husband would wear his Jedi robes everywhere if I let him ("They're so comfortable!") And congratulations (if that is the right word) to him as well.

AnneK said...

That is quite an honor. Congratulations, you guys!