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Monday, September 22, 2008

Cajun Food

I spent part of the day at my parents' house. They generously offered to let me put the birthday gifts I'd bought for my sister and 2 of my nieces in with their shipment, since they had plenty of room in their box. This saved me a lot of money in shipping! While I was there, they took me out to lunch. I was in heaven because we ate here:

I lived a good portion of my growing-up years in a suburb of New Orleans, so I love Cajun food! The Ralph & Kacoo's that used to be in Dallas closed down several years ago, but a new one opened up in Allen not too long ago. That's where we ate. I gorged on crawfish and was very, very happy!

This reminded all of us of an experience several years ago. We moved to the Dallas area from New Orleans when I was 14. I was desperately missing Cajun food, so my dad took us all to the Ralph & Kacoo's that used to be in Dallas. I ordered boiled crawfish and was given a huge tray piled with the little critters. I sat there happily popping off the tails, peeling them, and eating them. The entire restaurant was watching me. I guess Dallasites weren't too used to seeing skinny teenage girls eating crawfish like a pro. My sister, who has never liked too much attention, was mortified. Didn't bother me in the least!

Today I was less conspicuous by merely ordering fried crawfish and etouffee.


Jen said...

Oh, NOT FAIR! Oh, now I miss Louisiana even more! Grew up there and love, love, LOVE the food! It's amazing that people don't know what they're missing with all the food down there. Oh, the gumbo, the crawfish, the catfish...Oh, I loved Catfish Shack! I miss getting fresh seafood super cheap at the market. Up here it's all frozen and costs an arm and a leg with a side of wallet.

Glad you had a good time with your parents!

moderndayhermit said...


My MIL and FIL went to New Orleans just prior to Katrina and they were "not impressed with the food at all". Which means it must be REALLY delicious.

Ewokgirl said...

Jenn, you crack me up! Wow, I can't imagine anyone not liking Cajun food, but then again, I remember your in-laws are a little, um, odd. ;-)

Jen, sorry you're missing the food of your childhood! I do understand, as it's not easy getting authentic Cajun, even here in TX. My parents pointed out, though, that more places opened up around here post-Katrina. Some of the refugees stayed and brought their culture with them.

Anonymous said...

We dearly love the place. We have been 3 locations. The one in Dallas that is now closed, our favorite is in New Orleans with "Benny" the waiter (his toothless grin and sweet talk)and of coarse in Baton Rouge. We have not been to New Orleans since Katrina. We plan a trip very soon. Thanks for the reminder. My husband even brought a Tee shirt from them. A bright yellow one. Roxie

Cheryl said...

I love cajun food too and haven't had any in years! I guess it stems back to my birth and early childhood in New Orleans! Can't get it here so I guess I will have to wait 2 more years and try to get some when we get back to TX.