Married to the Empire

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Not Much to Report

I wish I had something exciting to share with you, but we had a very low-key weekend in which nothing particularly interesting happened.

Today is a crazy-busy sort of day. We had to drop off the CRV with the mechanic this morning (oil change and a brake light that kept coming on), so I had to drive Steven to work in Dallas. I stopped off at Bed Bath & Beyond and bought this for only 91 cents:

It was $30, but I had a 20%-off coupon and a $25 gift card, so my total wound up being less than $1. Score! I'm putting it to use today on some homemade tomato soup. The thought of not having to transfer hot soup to my regular blender has me all excited. (Just goes to show how fascinating day-to-day life is around here when a blender can get me all thrilled.)

I'm baking bread today (more on that tomorrow), catsitting, I did some stock-up grocery shopping for our personal shelves and those of the local food pantry, taking bread to a grieving friend (Fuzzy the 20-year-old cat passed away on Friday), checking the car out at the mechanic's, driving to Dallas to pick up the hubby, picking up the CRV on the way home... I think Laundry Day will have to be moved to Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

You will love the immersion blender for soup! I couldn't got back to the old way. :) You sure got a great buy on it.

Sue said...

An immersion blender! Pioneer Woman featured one in a recent recipe, and while I've never really thought about buying one before, her post made me consider it. It looks like a really handy tool!