Married to the Empire

Monday, March 24, 2008

Crafting inspiration--Star Wars style

I was hanging out with Steven in the Star Wars room while he was on the computer. He had a couple of hologram figures from the Saga Collection sitting out on his desk. Calvin jumped up and knocked them over. As we sat there talking, I found myself looking at the bottoms of the knocked-over hologram figures. They had Rebel symbols on them. What's more, they looked like stamps!

The only real crafting I tend to do is making notecards. I have a ton of rubber stamps for this. Steven has told me in the past that I should make Star Wars cards, and I reminded him that there aren't any Star Wars stamps to be had.

Until now.

So, they're not perfect, but they're not bad at all. An old mouse pad underneath the paper should help tremendously with their stampability. It would help if my Empire-loving husband was willing to open an Imperial action figure so I could have more than just Rebel symbols to stamp with, but for now, this will do nicely.


Beth said...

I think they're so old that they are "vintage," and they were made for kids, but I actually have quite a few Star Wars stamps. I never thought of the note card idea, but this would be a great project for my kids to make invitations or thank yous!! You are very clever!

Ann said...

Heehee! I was JUST going to say, "But they're REBEL and he's an Imperial!" :)

Cute idea!!

Ewokgirl said...

Beth, are you saying that they used to make Star Wars stamps?!? I must find some...

Jenn said...

Hey - if anyone knows how I can get a stormtrooper rubber stamp, that'd be SUPER helpful. My brother's a mega-fan and I want to make him a present with it!