Married to the Empire

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Still sick

And bored out of my mind!

I had to stay home from work again today, and I felt pretty guilty about that. But when I got up to get ready this morning, I was completely exhausted within 10 minutes, and I felt like I was coughing up a lung. Thankfully, I can make up the missed days with the kids on Fridays. The kids won't be happy about it, but at least I won't feel like I'm short-changing them because my immune system is crap.

Let's just say, I've been reminded this week of the #1 reason I quit teaching in the first place. I was always sick. And I didn't even teach little kids!

I'm at that stage of illness where I'm not sick enough to be content with just lying around anymore, but I'm too sick to actually do anything. I desperately want to clean my house, but considering that I can't sit still without coughing, I don't think that's gonna happen.

Steven and I were instant messaging, and he had a few boredom-busting ideas for me:
~craft some cards (not feeling creative)
~make a dessert (because people LOVE to eat things made by sick people!)
~draw a picture of the cats with crayons (that would so not be pretty since I'm not artistically inclined)
~play with Star Wars action figures in my dollhouse (I asked him I could put all his stormtroopers in the nursery)
~try juggling, specifically cat juggling (I would like my furry children to still love me)

Yep, I married a comedian. And I'm still bored.


AnneK said...

First boil some water in a small mouthed pot. Put some vicks vaporub inside. Take it from the burner when it is boiling and do inhalation. Take it in through your nose and exhale thru the mouth. Cover your head with a towel when you do it. Be careful while you do it though.

Then take Nyquil. Cover yourself up. Go to sleep. You will feel better soon.

And I will say a prayer for you.

Becky S. said...

My favorite pastime while sick? Reading, because it takes my mind off how miserable I feel!

Ann said...

I'm so sorry you're sick, but I found this post absolutely delightful! I loved your husband's suggestions, and your very cute responses!! Yes, there is no other place for a stormtrooper but in the nursery!

Big babies they are..hmmmm...

(Just kidding, Ruf!)

I can't help it, it all goes back to the poor stormtrooper who bonked his head on the door...

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

Once, when I was a kid, I got sick. Towards the late afternoon I was feeling well enough to leave my bed, and I was bored. My mom was out doing something, and my dad took pity on me. He had me help him make a dessert to eat that night. I remember it lifted my spirits a lot. :-)

When my mom got home, we had just put it in the oven. My mom saw me in the kitchen and said, "Ashley! Get back to bed! You're not supposed to be in the kitchen around our food when you're sick!"

I felt really bad. I didn't tell her that I had helped make the dessert, and my dad didn't spill the beans either. What she didn't know didn't hurt her. :-) Hehe

Beth said...

Your husband had some creative ideas. Makes you wonder what he would do to entertain a child if you weren't around! :)