Married to the Empire

Friday, March 7, 2008

Star Wars Living Room

I posted the other day about our garage filled with Star Wars banners and stuff. Steven is the PR officer for his stormtrooper garrison, so he has the job of setting up the 501st booth at the big nerd convention this weekend, otherwise known as All-Con.

We did a mock set-up in our living room the other night, and I was told I couldn't post any pictures until today. He didn't want to spoil the surprise or something for the other geeks. Because, you know, so many of them read my housewife blog.

Please enjoy the pictures of the only time my living room will be decorated in Star Wars:

That giant Vader thing? That would be a life-size action-figure card. You stand between it and the little Star Wars sign to have your picture taken. Making yourself look like an action figure is all the rage in Nerdville.


Beth said...

Hey! My kids stood in that cutout at Celebration III. How cool that you have your own! (They would be quite jealous.) I guess that means I am living in nerdville, lol. I got a Star Wars limited edition cell phone when the last movie came out. It is dying now, and I am so depressed. Nothing gets people's attention like your ringtone being tie fighters swooshing by and shooting. (Can I tell you how many other moms I have scared half to death!)

Ewokgirl said...

The Vader card isn't actually ours. He got it from another 501st member to use this weekend. Technically, none of this stuff belongs to us, although those Vader's Fist banners have been in our house a couple of years. I think those are just considered 501st property.

That's hilarious about your ringtone! Sometimes we have the other stormtroopers over for armor parties, and it's really funny to hear just how many of them have Star Wars ringtones!

Jessica said...

I want to be an action figure! (I'm sure my husband would love that too.)

Have you seen the video with the little girl who does the Star Wars recap?

"The shiny guy always worries..."

Ann said...

I love it! Especially your comment about geeks reading your housewife blog! You'd be surprised...especially if people "google" star wars stuff. They could find your blog.

I'm a little jealous, because it would be so cool if my husband ran around in a stormtrooper costume at these events. He would have so much fun.

All his stuff is still boxed up in the basement which we hope to finish someday. Suprisingly, he doesn't want to display it. I think he wants to protect it from our children haha!

Ewokgirl said...

Ann, you have no idea just how many people DO stumble across my blog because they're googling Star Wars stuff. My photos of actual movie props are pretty popular, apparently. I get a ton of hits on that particular page for whatever reason.

If we had children, I'm not sure Steven would keep all his SW stuff out. He gets all panicky if any of our youth go in his room when they're here. He's so paranoid of people breaking stuff.