Married to the Empire

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Box Wars

We have a really tacky cardboard box in our house that we absolutely cannot throw away. A few years ago Doogie claimed it as his own when Steven put a pillow in it. At the time Doogie was still a kitten and constantly being bullied by Calvin, who never hesitated to take warm sleeping spots away from him. But the box was different. Doogie decided the box was his. His love of this box forced him to assert himself with Calvin, and for the most part, Calvin complied and left the box alone.

But that doesn't mean that Calvin doesn't enjoy the box on occasion.

Steven recently set the box on a chair in the Star Wars room so that Doogie could be with him while he was on the computer. This evening Doogie took off like a shot when I coughed too hard and loud (he's found me quite frightening lately with my barking cough), and Calvin soon discovered that the box was available and still warm.

When Doogie finally came back, he was pretty mad to find Calvin in it. He decided to use one of Calvin's favorite tactics, which is to get into the box and sit on the interloping cat. This always works for Calvin because Doogie likes his personal space and isn't much of a cuddler. When Calvin sits on him, Doogie runs off.

But Calvin doesn't mind snuggling, much to Doogie's consternation. Doogie sat, and Calvin stayed. Every once in a while, Doogie would shift a bit to try to crowd Calvin out, but Calvin refused to move.

The box war ended tonight when I coughed yet again and Doogie decided the box was no longer worth it. He ran off to hide somewhere.


AnneK said...

That was so funny! I could totally envision that in my mind!!

Emerson said...

All that over an old cardboard box. I find this hysterical! Love the picture!

Ann said...

Poor Doogie! And poor you! It's so cute though, they act just like kids :) Except they don't run to you every 10 minutes to tell on each other.