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Friday, October 22, 2010

Getting Out the Halloween Decor

I really wanted this year to be the one where I decorated for Halloween early in October.  Again, I failed.  Doesn't exactly help that I can't reach the stuff stored in the garage, and I have to remember to ask Steven to get it down when he's home.   And I forgot.  Almost every day. 

I actually put these little guys out earlier than today, but that's because they've been sitting in my craft room since August.

Aren't they cute?  I bought them at The Peddler Show from a crafter.  Their heads are made from little gourds, then the artist added clay and paint to create their faces and ears.  I do need to do something about their snowflake bases, though.  I don't particularly like to mix my holidays.

When I opened the box of Halloween decorations today, I discovered these inside:

A friend gave me this set of plates last year.  Two of each design.  I totally forgot that I had these, so they were a wonderful surprise when I found them in the box! 

I wound up setting one at each place at the table.  (Yes, we do actually have chairs.  I'd removed them to vacuum and took the picture before bringing them back in.)

This is the light decorating I do around the house for Halloween.  But just wait until we do our Hitchcock-themed party next week!

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Beth said...

Hitchcock themed party? Now that sounds cool!! Can't wait to hear more about it.

I like those plates a lot!