Married to the Empire

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Recap

Just a few photos from the weekend...

Steven's costume for the contest at work:

We decorated the house for our Hitchcock-themed party on Friday night.  We used things from Rear Window, The Birds, and Psycho:

Steven cleaned up the bloody knife that was on the bathroom counter before I could take a picture.  When he was outside splashing red paint on the shower curtain, our next-door neighbor came out and asked, "You didn't have much of a childhood, did you?"  Steven said that he did not.  Gotta make up for all that Halloween denial!

Saturday night we attended a party with a duct tape theme.  Some of the costumes that people came up with were amazing

Steven the Stick Person

Me--got the idea from a Target ad I saw for a girl's go-go dancer costume

A knight and a vending machine

Cyberman from Dr. Who

Betty Rubble--this was my favorite!

Rubik's cube and Nolan Ryan

The Joker--probably the best costume of the evening!


Beth said...

Wow - so creative! I love the idea of the Hitchock party. The birds you had around the house looked great. Too funny about your neighbor and the shower curtain. :) And the duct tape party wow! I think that would be a great idea for teens, too. Not that any of their costumes would look as good. I wore a halloween tee from Target. Maybe next year I will be more creative..

Amy Warden said...

The Joker looks great!! (So do you!) :)