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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Calvin's Latest

Calvin's newest hidey-hole: Steven's stormtrooper bag
This weekend Calvin peed on the piano.  The PIANO.  Okay, so he actually peed on a shirt that Steven left sitting on the piano, but it sat for hours before it was discovered.  Yes, it messed up the finish, but at least it was closed, so he didn't hurt the musical components.  But still...

I figured he had yet another bladder infection.  He takes a daily antibiotic, and I feared he'd built up resistance to it.  Seeing as he runs out of it this week, and I really didn't want to shell out $76 for a new bottle (and that's for only 30 pills!) if he's resistant to it, I took him in for testing.  I brought him to the vet's on Monday, and he spent his day in a cage waiting for his bladder to fill enough for them to take a urine sample.  The longer he sat, the crankier he became.  Punk Cat slapped and snapped at anyone who dared to open his cage.  I was finally called to come get him because he wasn't going to let anyone near him.  *sigh*

Went back for attempt #2 this morning.  He went in with a full bladder, so they did the procedure right away and sent him home.  The vet called later in the day to say that he does have another bladder infection.  Based on the shape of the bacteria, he's ready for a different antibiotic.  She recommended a shot, so poor baby had to go in for a third time in a mere 36 hours to receive it.  Calvin looked so defeated when I got out the carrier and grabbed him yet again. 

Here's the worrisome news:  He also had some glucose in his urine.  My first reaction was, "Seriously?!"  I mean, how much more can this poor cat (and his tired parents) take?!  The vet said that sometimes that happens if the cat is stressed, and he certainly had a stressful couple of days, so we're hoping that's all it is.  Also, she didn't find keto-whatsits and something else that are usually present when there's diabetes, so that's encouraging.  We'll retest in a couple of weeks.

Frankly, though, if he turns out to have diabetes, we probably won't treat it.  He's had enough and doesn't need yet another medical procedure added to his daily regimen. 


shannon1159 said...

If Calvin does have diabetes and you do decide to treat it, I have two extra vials of Vetsulin feline insulin I've been trying to find a home for. My kitty was getting two 5-unit shots a day, so I stocked up on insulin a few months ago. Then her pancreas decided to start making some insulin again, so now she only needs 1 unit once a day. It's great, but now we have four vials that will expire at the end of March. I've been trying to find a rescue that needs it, but most rescues don't take diabetic cats because they're difficult to adopt.

Beth said...

Poor Calvin and poor you! Hope the bladder infection clears up and he feels better.