Married to the Empire

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Caddo Lake State Park

We needed a vacation, but our house and sick cat seem to take all our extra money.  So, we opted for camping, which costs little.  I felt a little guilty about leaving Calvin, especially after he was diagnosed only days earlier with yet another bladder infection, but let's be honest.  If I waited to leave until he was better, well, I'd never go anywhere.  And we were only about 3 hours away, so if there was an emergency with him, we could make it back.  Besides, we have very wonderful friends who are willing to give him his pills and anything else he needs. 

We went to Caddo Lake State Park.  I first read about it in an issue of Texas Highways magazine.  I was completely taken by the swampy photos.  It reminded me so much of Louisiana, which is where I more or less grew up.  We wound up loving the park and intend to go back at some point.  (Youth group retreat, perhaps?)  It's beautiful, and the facilities are very nice.  (I'm a city girl, so one of my camping requirements is bathrooms with flushing toilets and showers.)  We even had water and electricity at our campsite, which wound up being a huge blessing, as it meant we could keep a space heater on in our tent at night.  It was crazy cold. 

We had a very nice, relaxing time.  Just hanging out with no schedule or agenda was exactly what we needed.  And of course, hanging out in God's creation was just fabulous and sorely needed. 


Beth said...

Great photos! Looks so exotic to a MA resident. Glad you were able to get away. I know we always feel better after a vacation.

Thirsty said...

The pavillion looks suspiciously like a CCC creation.