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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Catching Up

After posting about how I was going to make good use of my crafting supplies, I've made... nothing.  Sickness hit our house.  I was blissfully unaffected, which is rare, but Steven was sick.  He was supposed to lead a camping trip for our youth boys last Friday night.  There was no way he could do that, but thankfully, good friends stepped up and said they'd do a lock-in for the guys at the church that night.  Change of plans, but at least the boys' event wasn't totally cancelled.   

Saturday was a birthday celebration for our friend Marylou, as well as a Thanksgiving celebration among friends.  Marylou loves Scrabble, so we played that, then ate this amazing cake my friend Sandy made:

Sunday was weird for several reasons I won't go into, but the worst of it was someone trying to take Doogie.  I took the cats out with me to get my newspaper.  While they were enjoying the sunshine, a woman drove by, circled back, then stopped in front of my house.  I expected her to roll down her window to ask directions or something, but instead, she got out.  She didn't say a word to me--just walked past me and headed towards Doogie, calling him "MooMoo."  He was terrified and ran back into the house.  She asked if he's mine, and when I said yes, she then asked if I was sure.  Um, he ran into my house away from you!  Do you really think he's not mine?! 

We made three trips to the vet this week.  Two days in a row of taking Calvin in first thing in the morning to get a urine sample, then sending him home when he had nothing to give.  *sigh*  Thankfully, the third time truly was the charm.  His infection is gone!  I also took Doogie in with us on the second day for a blood pressure check-up.  After singing to him and praying over him for probably 15-20 minutes, he finally got calmed down enough to get a proper reading.  He's still doing well and doesn't need medicine, which is good, because this sick-cat stuff is ridiculously expensive! 

Life has been busy.  Maybe I'll get to make stuff other than food this weekend.  I can hope. 


Beth said...

So glad to hear the cats are doing better. Hope Steven feels better soon, too. And wow, that cake is AWESOME! What a clever idea.

*carrie* said...

That cake is the cutest! We love Scrabble. =)