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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Great Gifts

I've been so blessed lately. Family and friends have been very generous. It started with the giveaway I won on Danita's blog. She was giving away her gorgeous crocheted dishcloths:

I've been a fan of crocheted dishcloths ever since I received some as a bridal gift nearly 11 years ago. Danita's are lovely and very well-made. She's now selling them in her Etsy shop, and I highly recommend them!

Next, my friend Karen brought some pretty pink pearls back from Hawaii for me. I love pink, and I love pearls!

I'd asked my sister to bring me some British craft magazines when she visited. Let me just say, I've been having a great time looking through these and getting some new ideas. Both magazines came with freebies. One had a book of interesting papers (that's behind the magazines), and the other had some journaling die cuts. American craft mags don't give away freebies like that!

Last, my parents gave me a HUGE gift. Literally. My dad prefers to work out at the gym, so he offered me their treadmill!

As an act of ultimate love and sacrifice, my husband has given up space in his Star Wars room for the treadmill. His hand-painted, Imperial-themed desk has given way to my workout space. That's love.


ann said...

Nice gifts, Anne Marie! You will love having that treadmill. Did Steven move his desk up to the living room? :)

Thumperdd said...

Anne Marie,

You're so sweet to post about the cloths! I sincerely hope you enjoy them for many years to come...

What lovely pearls! They'll look beautiful on you.

Then a treadmill AND a supportive hubby that's willing to give up part of "his" personal space for you??? What blessings! Not to mention the family visit... I'd be so giddy that I'd pop from excitement. Your cup runneth over with joy!


Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

Ann, NO! :-)

Thomas said...

You only won by a Wookie hair.
I almost won it, but I'm a Lantern and not a Jedi.

Danita sent me here to tell that you need to create your own Pre-50 list. ... do or do not.

But I suggest you "do".

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