Married to the Empire

Friday, April 17, 2009

Nieces at My House

My sister, mom, and nieces came over to my house last Friday. The girls wanted to see the cats, who didn't reciprocate, and Caroline wanted to try out her new Wii game.

In the process of cleaning out my house, I decided it was time for my old cheerleading uniform to go. Emily wanted it, so she put it on. I had to roll up the waist on the skirt quite a bit, but how cute does she look in it?

A couple of the girls became hungry and wanted a snack. Turns out that Leah is a mango fiend. I had 3 mangoes, and this tiny girl ate them all!

Ashley sadly told me that she wanted to play with something. I asked what she wanted, and she said, "The dollhouse!" *sigh* It now lives temporarily with my parents, but apparently, Grandpa thought it wasn't in good enough shape for Ashley to play with until he'd done some repairs. He was still working on it, and she hadn't gotten to play with it yet. Poor kid. I gave her my Ewok Village to play with as consolation.

I thought it was great to see 3 of the 4 girls gathered around playing with Star Wars stuff. I thought Uncle Steven would be thrilled by it. He was... until he discovered that I'd given them an expensive vintage Han Solo to play with. Oops. No harm done, other than the mild feeling of panic Steven felt when he found out.


becky s. said...

Have I ever mentioned that Emily looks like her Aunt Anne Marie? :-)

ann said...

How cute, trading the dollhouse for an Ewok village :) And I can just imagine Steven's reaction when he saw the girls with his Han. Did they put Barbie clothes on it? Or was it a six inch figure...

Anyway, so glad you had a wonderful time with your nieces :)

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

Becky, it's funny you say that about Emily, as we've always said that she's the only one of the four who resembles our side of the family at all.

Ann, no Barbie clothes around here. Just 6" action figures. I was only going to give the girls ewoks, but Ashley requested people, too. Then she pointed at the wall of encased figures. Ha! Uncle Steven would have had a heart attack if I'd opened anything for her! He was panicking as it was because they'd taken Han Solo's Endor camo coat off, and he couldn't find his gun. (I'd left the gun behind in the SW room because I knew it had potential to be lost.) I honestly didn't know it was a vintage figure he'd paid a lot of money for!

ann said...

Heehee! I remember Eric getting all excited when we were at his parents' house one day. He found THE JAR. It held all the little guns/light sabers/etc from his childhood action figures. His mom was thoughtful enough to store them in a jar so they wouldn't get lost.

And I remember Eric freaking out over a jawa with a VINYL cape and not a cloth one. He works all the time now and really hasn't been given his collection much attention. I kind of miss his excitement. We don't even have a Star Wars room anymore (partly because of moving). It's sure fun to read about your adventures! I wish they would have another celebration, in Texas even, that would be cool!