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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Organized Pantry

I'm a fan of the bulk bins at Sprouts. The prices are good, and I can buy whatever amounts of foods that I want. However, my method of storing stuff in Ziploc bags was bothering me. Finding things in my pantry was becoming difficult. It's an oddly-shaped closet with little space, and I've had stackable bins turned sideways at the bottom for extra storage. Finding rice, beans, or pasta was a pain, as it was hard to see in the bins, and everything was piled on top of each other in floppy bags.

I decided it was worth the money to buy containers and other implements for pantry storage. IKEA to the rescue for doing it affordably. I bought several of their plastic containers in 3 different sizes and filled them with my bulk-purchased foods. I also bought a wooden shelf thing to replace the sideways bins I'd been using.

The wooden shelf was about 1/8 inch too tall. My sweet husband was kind enough to take it out to the garage to shave a bit off the height. Now everything is neatly organized and so easy to grab when needed. It all looks a lot better, as well.

I love being more organized!


Becky said...

Me, too! It looks great! I've heard so much about Ikea, I really need to go to one someday (the nearest is 4 hours away).

Thumperdd said...

Looking good!

I also save old plastic juice bottles for rice and dried beans. Wash them, pop a funnel on top, and you're good to go. The small opening is perfect for pouring into a measuring cup!


Anonymous said...

Looks great! I just love organizing. :)

ann said...

Looks good! I love IKEA.

AnneK said...

I organized my pantry too last week! I love organizing and arranging stuff. I LOVE the tall containers (from IKEA)? It would be ideal for me to store my 4 different kind of lentils and assortment of grains and flours. Currently I have only round containers which take up a LOT of space. This looks so nice.