Married to the Empire

Friday, May 1, 2009

Back at the Improv

The stormtroopers were invited back last night to the Improv in Addison for The Dorkside Comedy. As usual, they worked the crowd before the show:

I caught a good shot of my stormtrooper talking with Steve Awesome before the show:

Then he attacked Steve Awesome during the show when Steve made fun of the stormtroopers getting their butts kicked by Ewoks in Episode VI:

The stormtroopers weren't the only ones to show up in costume:

Here's my little confession: I'm actually more a Star Trek fan than Star Wars. Shh. Don't tell the stormtroopers!

Finally, a group shot after the show:

Oh, and I played a new role tonight. Usually, I'm just there to watch the show and help the stormtroopers, if necessary, put their costumes on. Tonight I acted as Chief Germ Killer. I came to the show armed with hand-sanitizing gel and a small can of Lysol. Swine flu is going around the Metroplex and with the stormtroopers shaking hands with the public, I decided to be proactive. I Lysoled Steven's gloves after he took them off, and the hand sanitizer went around. Better safe than sorry.

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Kelli said...

It looks like fun!
P.s I saw your question about the stickers. I get special sticker paper at Michaels...always with a 40% off coupon. :0)