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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Furminator

Calvin's been throwing up a lot lately, and that's included some super-sized hairballs. That's pretty unusual for him, but everything lately is pretty unusual for him. I'd seen the Furminator around online, but it wasn't until I saw my friend Marylou use one on her own cat that I decided to shell out the money for it. It's a de-shedding tool that's supposed to cut down on hairballs.

My boys weren't too sure of the Furminator at first. They both love to be combed with a flea comb, and this isn't too terribly different. Our first Furminator session was short, as the boys were a little nervous about it, but it managed to get a lot of hair off of them anyway:

Doogie's fur is on the left; Calvin's is on the right. Doogie's fur is much longer, which is why his pile is so much bigger.

We've used the Furminator since that first session, and they've warmed up to it. I just hope it really does help cut down on the hairballs!

For those who have asked, Calvin is doing a bit better. He was acting puny over the weekend, and he peed on our bed, which told me his antibiotic probably wasn't working. We went back to the vet on Monday, and sure enough, his bladder infection was still raging. As he's building up resistance to the stronger antibiotics, the doctor opted to give him a shot this time. I think it's working as he's perked up considerably since then. He's back to complaining about the service. With my boy that's a very good sign!


Sue said...

Wow, I've never heard of the Furminator. I'll have to keep it in mind for my shed-meister.
Glad to hear Calvin's doing better!

Allison said...

Glad to hear he is feeling better.

Did you know that you can turn cat (or dog) fur into some kind of yard that can be spun into a sweater? Just in case you want to dress like your cat.

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

Sue, I learned about the Furminator from someone's blog a couple of years ago. I was interested, but it was too expensive to gamble on my boys liking it. Besides, they LOVE their flea comb. However, Calvin has been yakking up monster hairballs, so I bought one. So far, so good.

My friend Marylou, who also has a Furminator, told me last night that she can't use it on her cat Nathan, who has long hair. He looks a little like Bella, so rather than paying for a Furminator if you're interested, ask your vet next time Bella visits if they have one that they could try out on her while she's there.

Allison, I think my husband would have me committed if I started making wool out of the cats' fur! LOL