Married to the Empire

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Uneasy Alliance

Doogie was sleeping in the basket of quilts when Calvin joined him. Doogie stood his ground for once, which surprised both me and Calvin. Calvin is just used to Doogie giving him whatever he wants! Doogie didn't look too thrilled with Calvin plopped on top of him, but he tolerated it. I figure that since Calvin is such a lightweight now, it doesn't bother Doogie as much as it used to.

And that leads into my update on Calvin's health, which isn't too good. He went to the vet last week for a kidney checkup. He's lost more weight, has a bladder infection, his blood pressure is up, and kidney function is down. Not good.

He came home with 3 different pills: an antibiotic, a probiotic, and blood pressure medication. I believe the last 2 are permanent prescriptions. None of us is enjoying the pilling process, but he's pretty easy to drug these days. He doesn't fight as much as he used to, for which I'm grateful.

All of this dredges up the reminder of his mortality. While he's still acting like he feels fine (other than occasionally peeing on stuff due to the bladder infection), I realize that we're looking at limited time with him. That absolutely breaks my heart.

But no matter how much longer I have left with him, I feel blessed to have him. Pets really do add something special to life.


ann said...

You are so right. Pets are ever bit as much a part of the family as children are. Just looking at that picture of the two of them in the basket reminds me of a picture I took of my kids all sitting in a big rubbermaid tub. Pets bring so much joy to our lives, just like chidren do. You are a good mom.

Sue said...

So sorry to hear about Calvin's troubles! I hope he's around for a long time. Pets sure do add something special to life. When I go to the house of someone who doesn't have a pet, I just feel like there's something missing. I don't know what I'd do without my Bella!
I love the picture of Calvin and just made me laugh out loud!

Allison said...

I'll keep your little ones in my prayers.

My dogs saved my life. I was just a terrified, unhappy, selfish ball of anxiety until they came along. I would cry out for help - and God delivered in a most unexpected canine form :) He's very creative like that! I heard that the life spans of our creatures are so short because they get all they need to get done much more efficiently than humans.

As far as pills, I drop them on the floor and act like Jack is not supposed to eat it. I'm sure yours, thoough, are more well-behaved, smarter, or both.

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

Allison, that's an incredible testimony about the power of pets!

Cats, unlike dogs, are ridiculously finicky. No cat will ever willing eat a pill. I can't even disguise it in a treat because Calvin knows. And Doogie (who doesn't take pills, thankfully) won't even eat cat treats without pills in them! We just have to pin them down, pry open their mouths, and use a pill popper to shove them down their throats. We all hate it!