Married to the Empire

Monday, May 11, 2009

Update on Calvin

Despite being desperately ill on Friday, Calvin had a good weekend. He still had a lot of the subcutaneous fluids in his leg on Saturday, which I suppose explains why we couldn't get him to drink any water; he was still hydrated from the vet's treatment. But once we opened up a can of tuna and gave him the water from it... Well, let's just say he drank like a man dying in a desert.

Guess he just needed the right motivation.

As his anti-nausea meds were set to wear off Saturday afternoon, I wasn't comfortable leaving him that evening. We had a stormtrooper party to attend, and Steven still went, but I played the part of the overanxious mama and stayed home with the cats. I watched Twilight with Calvin curled in my lap. (The movie was terrible, btw.)

Sunday, Calvin was totally back to normal. He's eating and drinking as usual. He was in the kitchen begging for people food every time we went in there. He ran around the house complaining, which is his normal behavior. Who knew I'd be thanking God that my cat was screaming at me?!

Honestly, you'd never know that he'd even been sick. It was a good weekend.


Amy W said...

That's great news!!!

ann said...

Yay!! And I totally know what you mean. I love it when my kids start acting a little naughty/rambunctious after getting over being sick. It's such a huge relief. I would rather have them be wild and crazy and healthy than lethargic and not well.

I'm so glad Calvin is feeling better.