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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Star Wars Day at Bowles Life Center

The stormtroopers were invited to attend Star Wars Day at the Bowles Life Center in Grand Prairie. A lot of kids showed up, and I was impressed by the organization of what could have been a very chaotic event!

The kids were seated and waiting as the stormtroopers entered the room:

Then they all lined up for photos and autographs. The 501st members truly were like rock stars!

Next we headed to the library, where the stormtroopers helped promote literacy. (Yea!) What do stormtroopers read? Star Wars books, of course!

Fun and games with the kids:

I was the envy of many little boys, as I was given the task of holding the Sandtrooper's giant gun while he signed autographs and played pool:

I saw two boys gazing wistfully at the gun in my hands, and one said to the other, "She's so lucky!" I couldn't help but laugh at that. While I don't consider it especially lucky to get to hold a stormtrooper gun, I do count it as great privilege to hang with the 501st Legion. They may be bad guys, but they sure are nice!


Eliza28 said...

I have to confess that I originally looked at your blog for Star Wars reasons something related to my son but now I am hooked. It is so nice to have something to read about that is upbeat and on a kind note.. tell all those guys they are the greatest!

Hope all is well with the kitty.

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

You're very sweet, Eliza! I try to throw Star Wars stuff out there as much as possible since I know that some of my readers come here specifically for that. I'm at the mercy of the stormtroopers' schedule, though.

Calvin is improving, thankfully.