Married to the Empire

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Saying Thanks

We had a lot of help putting together the youth group's 5th quarter party. There was the leadership team, of course, but then there were those who weren't part of our team and helped out just because. Typically I send those folks thank-you notes in the mail, but as I was baking bread on Saturday, I decided to use that to say thanks.

I stamped tags with a thank-you message, then wrote a little something on each one.

Then I tied them onto the bags of bread.

If you're wondering why someone got a full loaf while others only got halves, well, the full loaf goes to a couple who helped. And boy, did they help! The husband was the only one who stayed with us until 3:15am to clean up the church afterwards. That's friendship!

And as a little crafty FYI, an old hair straightener is great for ironing out crumpled ribbon! I bought a new one a couple of months ago, and my old one now lives in my craft room.


Thirsty said...

I love the bread & tag thank-yous.

Stan King said...

And I loved the bread and the company during karaoke!