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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Star Wars Fan Days III

This past weekend was Star Wars Fan Days III in Plano. Steven left super early on Saturday morning to help set up the 501st booth/room. I joined him a few hours later. (I was exhausted after the concert the night before!) I walked in just in time for all the stormtroopers to leave to take pictures. Someone asked if there were any handlers to man the tables, and suddenly, I was working.

The 501st Legion did more than just attend in costume this year. They worked hard to raise money for breast cancer research. The stormtroopers went pink!

In addition to special costumes, they held a bake sale to raise money. Vader Halloween buckets were spray painted pink to collect whatever people wanted to donate. Additionally, one of the members made two custom Pink Royal Guards to auction off to raise money.

I always enjoy walking around the convention. Plenty of interesting things to see. This absolutely cracked me up:

I was very impressed by Wayne's Land Speeder. (Wayne is also the one who owns R2.)

Scott Horne of Yak's Pub was there, so we stopped to chat with him for a while. Even though Yak's Pub said, "Do Not Touch," my husband was allowed to play with it. We got to take pictures with Yak himself (although I got in a little trouble when I grabbed Yak and asked, "This is Yak, right?").

My husband asked me to take pictures of the set-up with the zombie figures he purchased at the con. Creepy Luke was the perfect figure to pair with the zombies. Scott took a picture with the zombies, too.

Anthony Daniels was there signing autographs. I had to laugh when a 50-something woman in front of me sighed like a 13-year-old girl and said, "He's so cute!"

Definitely a full weekend.


Thirsty said...

pink stormtroopers: that's got to violate some ordinance somewhere

Erica said...

Love your pics! I forgot to take pics of the room.