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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's been an unusually cold winter here in North Texas, and it's only supposed to get worse. Calvin, our sick cat, has withered to a mere 6.8 pounds. (For a point of reference, when he was healthy, he weighed 13 pounds and was very sleek.) He has no body fat left, and he's been cold. When I carry him outside for Mail Time, he now shivers in my arms.

We bought him a heating pad, which we slipped inside the boys' big woolly pillow in the living room. Both cats are loving that, and I typically find them snuggled together on the pillow when it's turned on.

But Calvin is finding other ways to keep warm:

My husband often looks pregnant in the evenings now, as Calvin likes to climb inside his jacket and settle in for a nap.


Thirsty said...

LUV the picture!

Tori said...

Love the name of your blog, so funny. Is he a "real" storm trooper? Is there really a future as a storm trooper?

Anyhow, great blog, I just found you and I'll be back!

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

Tori, he's real insofar as he has a costume. He's in a Star Wars costuming group that does a lot of charity work. They're not allowed to receive money for any of their appearances, but he has gotten some gifts and amazing opportunities. He has a real job. ;-)

Jen said...

Great picture. So snuggly!

AnneK said...

Sweet pic! Crazy weather huh? It is below 32 here in Orlando!

Sue said...

So sweet of you to get Calvin a heating pad. I LOVE the picture!!