Married to the Empire

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Hubby

My parents came over last night with an awesome gift: a new TV, stand, and one of my dad's surround sound systems that he wasn't using. The TV is nice. Our other TV is HD, but the picture wasn't anything like what we get on this new one! And with surround sound, we can hear all the guns and splats from Steven's video games EVEN LOUDER. Steven is loving this. Personally, I could do without violent, bloody deaths in high definition and surround sound, but I'm sure it'll all be great for watching movies.

Only problem? I now have two big TVs on separate stands in my living room right now. For someone who is trying to regain some of the joy in housekeeping, this isn't helping.

Steven oh-so-helpfully pointed out that we could watch 2 shows at the same time! Um, no. Thankfully, we've already found a taker for the old TV, and it leaves on Saturday. I think I can manage until then.

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