Married to the Empire

Friday, January 8, 2010

IKEA Triumph

I'm redoing my craft room. Lots of new things after a trip to IKEA. Lots of new things that have to be assembled. My sweet husband was willing, but obviously sick of it after putting together 3 of the 4 new furniture pieces. I promised that I would help put drawers together when he got around to doing the desk.

I didn't think he'd actually take me up on that. You see, a few years ago when we were putting together a new youth room at church, the then-youth minister handed me and another woman IKEA chairs and told us to assemble them. Fifteen minutes later, the other woman had her chair put together, and my husband was pulling mine apart to reassemble it correctly.

I'm not mechanically inclined. At all.

And yet last night as he was putting together the body of the final piece, my husband asked me to get started on the drawers. Yikes. Usually when I say I'll help do something that involves tools of any sort, he just laughs and says he'll handle it.

Not this time.

You know what? I figured it out. Those stupid IKEA pictures that substitute for written directions were mildly frustrating, but I figured it out. I put together every single drawer. And screwed in all the drawer pulls. All by myself.

One step closer to having my craft room put together! Of course, first we'll have to get the furniture out of the middle of the living room...