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Friday, January 15, 2010

Mindful Housekeeping

I decided to take a different approach while cleaning house yesterday. Usually I listen to music with a driving beat on my iPod while I clean, but this time I decided to take a break from my little addictive device and spend the time with God. It's part of trying to be more joyful in housekeeping. I wanted to be more mindful of what I was doing instead of just getting through it.

It didn't start off easily, as my head was full of songs from the Fame soundtrack, which I've been devouring lately. But after a few minutes, it became pretty easy. While cleaning the kitchen, I wound up thanking God for my home, which then led into a prayer for those in Haiti who have lost their homes. I prayed for a lot of things, really. Did a little singing, as music is just too much a part of cleaning for me to completely be removed from it, but it was only Christian praise-type stuff.

It's funny how it works, but I was so busy talking to God and being grateful for the blessings I have that cleaning didn't even take as long as it usually does. I greatly dislike sweeping and mopping, but this time I didn't mind. Being focused on Christ really does change the perspective.


Jen said...

I think that may be what is missing from my routine. I should be more actively thankful for having something TO clean. You make me humble, Anne. Your posts are always gentle reminders that many of us are more blessed in this life that we think we are and we need to quit whining. God bless you. Thank you.

Beth said...

I used to grumble as I spent 10 minutes turning my 3 boys' socks right side out before I could wash them. Then I decided to pray while I did it. At first it was a joke, to stop me from grumbling about it, but now I enjoy it. I thank God for my kids, that they have feet and can walk, that we can afford socks, etc. It really makes a difference in my attitude. I should try this with other cleaning routines, thanks for the suggestion!

Thirsty said...

Loving this one!

friend said...
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