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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Furball Report

Calvin is hanging in there. The news was bad towards the end of 2009, as the vet indicated that Calvin's remaining time with us would likely be only a few more weeks or months. He's on 4 different meds now, including the recently-added glucosamine to create a slippery lining in his bladder. Um, yeah. Not sure how that works, but if keeps him from peeing on the bed, I'm happy.

You know you love your cats when you have $50 in Amazon gift cards from credit card reward points, and you spend most of it on stuff for your cats. (I bought one of Calvin's meds and a new king-sized heating pad that doesn't have auto shut-off like their current pad. With unusually cold temps for Texas and our unwillingness to let Calvin snuggle with us in bed due to the aforementioned urinating, I worry every night about him getting too cold after his heating pad shuts itself off.)

And now for a few pics from the holidays around here. First, Doogie did his annual thing of "helping" me as I wrapped holiday gifts:

Calvin opted to hide in the Microsoft bag Steven's X-Box came in:

The boys were going for a Brady Bunch moment here:

Then Doogie ruined it. I'm pretty sure the Bradys didn't go around smacking each other.

Doogie keeps trying to pick fights with Calvin, as he obviously misses his playmate. They used to wrestle a lot, complete with wild bunny kicks to the head and flying bits of fur. (They seemed to relish doing that right after I'd vacuumed.) Now they just do this funny cat-fight thing that looks like girls slapping at each other. Calvin just doesn't have it in him to fight the way they used to.

As Steven and I welcomed in the new year, we each held a cat during the countdown. Sadly, we commented that 2010 probably isn't going to be a very good year for poor Calvin. But we're grateful for every day we have with our furry boys.


Thirsty said...

LUV the kitty condo picture!

Sue said...

Thanks for the furball report! I'm glad to hear Calvin is hanging in there.
Hey, I have no idea how much Calvin's prescriptions cost, but I heard today that Walgreen's has a prescription savings club and it can be used for pet prescriptions. Don't know if that would save you any money (or if you have Walgreen's where you live), but I thought I'd pass the info along.

Amy W said...

I loved your furball report. I know exactly what you mean with the bunny kicks - too funny! The Brady bunch photo is classic.

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

Thanks, y'all. I love my babies and appreciate that my readers are kind enough to indulge me when I want to talk about them and show them off. ;-)

Sue, Calvin is enrolled in the cheap-drug program at CVS. It was a hoot filling out the paperwork for him. I had the vet tech (who knows me) cracking up as I stood there and made up a birthday for Cal. He's got his own drug card and everything! But that only works on the drugs that started out as people drugs. So far, that's only his blood pressure meds. All the others are specific to cats. We save where we can!

I just wish I could find another cheap cat litter deal like I did over a year ago when a store was clearing out our brand of litter. A cat with kidney issues really goes through the litter fast, unfortunately. *sigh*

AnneK said...

I loved the title on this post! :)