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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

All-Con 2010: Imperial Gladiators

We spent the weekend in Addison at All-Con. As the name implies, it's a convention for all things--geeky, that is. The 501st Legion (aka the stormtroopers) is very involved at All-Con, which is why I tag along. Even though the con is local to us, it's still at least a 30-minute drive from home. I made a last-minute decision to book a hotel room for us. Stuff goes late into the night, then starts again early the next morning. Steven was always so tired in the past. Besides, this gave me a place to go when I got bored or sleepy.

Steven was in charge of Imperial Gladiators again this year, which took place on Friday night. This is a fun competition that starts with the stormtroopers having to suit up as quickly as they can. Then they play several other games, all trying to earn points to win.

Steven asked for audience members to participate in the Shooting Gallery. Volunteers held masks of various Star Wars characters, and the stormtroopers had to shoot at them. However, not every character was shootable. They gained points if they shot Rebels, but lost if they shot any Imperial characters. One stormtrooper accidentally shot Vader. Not a good idea to attack the boss.

Next up was Capture the Princess. John Billingsley, who played Dr. Phlox on Star Trek: Enterprise, graciously agreed to play the princess. He was armed and allowed to shoot back at the stormtroopers trying to get to him. They were timed and eliminated if they got shot before reaching him.

I'm sure there's a name for the last game, but I can't remember it. Basically, the stormtroopers are trying to shoot each other and be the last one standing.

The scorekeeper was Scott "Niktom" Horne of Yak's Pub. He saved me from having to do it. (Thanks, Scott!)

The winners, who were awarded their medals by John Billingsley:


Niktom said...

Looks like I was asleep on the job while score keeping.

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

I guess I shot the picture just as you blinked. Oh, well. At least I remember to take a photo of you!