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Thursday, March 18, 2010

All-Con 2010: Random Stuff

I didn't go as crazy this year with the picture taking at All-Con. I mostly just took pictures of the stormtroopers. They had their annual photo session scheduled, and they took pics in groups according to region, as well as one giant group photo.

The North Texas Squad of Star Garrison (Steven's squad):

Full group, buckets off, along with celebrities John Billingsley and Larry Hama:

Buckets on, no celebrities:

One of the stormtroopers had everyone recite the Pledge of Allegiance while he shot video. He's sending it to military members of the 501st Legion who are serving overseas.

A few of us stayed up late on Friday night making the cards for the annual Droid Hunt:

And for some non-stormtrooper stuff, here's a pic of my husband leading a panel on playing zombie board games:

Most people at All-Con dress up. (I do not, unless you count my stormtrooper necklace.) Costumes run the gamut of weird, puzzling, disturbing, creative, amazing... I didn't bother taking pictures of anyone until these ladies passed by:

I don't get anime or weird Asian ball-jointed dolls or a whole bunch of other stuff. I do get Disney characters, especially if they're from princess movies.

When our friend Scott showed us the Mexican bootleg action figures he got at the convention, I had to take photos. I call this one Bad Day at the Salon Ewok. Notice the bad makeover and the tinfoil on his head for highlights:

This one is Stupidly Got Drunk, Passed Out, and His Buddies Messed with Him Chewbacca. Notice the crazy, shocked eyes (presumably when he looked in the mirror and saw that his buddies gave his beard a bad dye job), and the foaming around the mouth. On the other hand, perhaps he should be called Rabid Chewbacca:

I've been told that you can expect to see them and a few other Mexican bootleg action figures in future Yak's Pub strips.

Be sure to watch for a Star Wars giveaway here very soon!


Beth said...

Looks like a fun weekend - well, to me. ;) I had a virus hit my PC and we had to get a new computer, so I have been awol for a while. Nice to be back online and catching up with you.

Those mexican action figures are too funny!!

(p.s. Nice to see my stamps on your blog again!)

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

Beth, it's good to see you again! You've been missed. :-)

Those stamps are ridiculously popular. You have no idea how many emails I receive about those things! You could have made some serious money selling those things, rather than just giving them to me! ;-) (And really, I can't thank you enough for them. I've had a lot of fun with them.)