Married to the Empire

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Identity Crisis of the Blogging Kind

I'm having an identity crisis. A blogging identity crisis. When I started this blog nearly 3.5 years ago, I went for a name that I thought was somewhat clever and different. My blog had a fairly unique theme. How many other stormtrooper's wives are blogging out there, after all?

Back then, the name fit. Steven trooped pretty regularly, and the events were varied. I had plenty of things to blog about that fit with the blog's name, and then I could fill in with all the other aspects of life.

Fast forward 3+ years, and life is changed. While Steven is still a stormtrooper, he rarely has time to do it anymore. A demanding job that has him working late fairly often, a youth ministry position that fills a massive chunk of time, and a spot as a church elder has left him with virtually no time to troop. I'm not sure he even checks the 501st Legion's boards anymore. He's even dismantled the Star Wars room and is planning to get rid of a huge chunk of his collection.

Throw in the difficult journey of dealing with a sick pet, my various crafting attempts that I show here, thoughts on housekeeping, cooking, etc., and you have a blog that doesn't fit its given title. I feel as if I should throw in something Star Wars related every once in a while, but that is starting to feel forced. I had an epiphany last year when I tagged along to a stormtrooper event I didn't want to go to, just so I'd have photos for the blog. I was miserable, and a blog is supposed to be fun and not full of obligations. I mean, it's not as if I'm a well-known blogger with a devoted following, making money off of this thing. It's basically just a hobby.

So, I'm going to open this up to opinion. I know a few of you have already weighed in on Facebook. Should I change the name of my blog? Shut it down and start a new one? Keep everything the same? Frankly, I've even toyed with just quitting blogging completely, but it could just be that I need a break from it (or perhaps it's pressure I feel from this identity crisis I seem to be experiencing). I welcome your thoughts. Does a blog's name matter?


Vader's Mom said...

I don't think your blog name should influence what you blog about - it's still a part of your life, you are still going to stumble across cool events. I'd keep it. Originality of a blog title attracts readers and I feel that yours is truly unique. I'd be sad to see it go anywhere.

Jen said...

I agree with Vader's Mom in that the name of the blog should not really matter to the outside world. It can be anything you want. Heck, when I started my blog several years ago, I had a completely different name. One that more specifically reflected what influenced my life. Now, it's simple, more encompassing, and unfettered in its description of what I share with the internet world.

Leave the name or change it. It is your own choice. Remember, nothing is too simple or too silly to pray about. The answer will be given to you when the time is right.

Molly said...

I think I have mentioned this before, but I love your blog name! I think it is really clever, and really caught my attention. I don't think the blog has to really tie into the name, because honestly I haven't missed you posting Star Wars stuff. I have really enjoyed the crafts and glimpses into your daily life. I think what you are showing now more reflects "being married" than the previous Star Wars things.

I rarely tie any post into my blog name, and when I do it is a title of the post or a tag of the post. I read plenty of personal blogs that the names don't always match the titles, and it works.

I know you will make the right choice for you! Either way, I will keep following you because I love your blog!

Catherine said...

I agree with everything said so far! I was drawn to your blog because of the "Empire" aspect, but I stayed to hear about your journey as a housewife (really loved that series that you did!), about your cats, and about your crafting! Really, I stayed for the part of YOU that you put into the blog. I think you should write about whatever you want to regardless of the title. If you feel the need to change blogs or change titles, I will happily change my RSS feed settings if necessary. You would be missed if you stop blogging forever, though.

*carrie* said...

Anne Marie,

I'm curious to know what others said on FB, though I don't have a strong opinion. I think it's rare that anyone's blog always fits their chosen theme or title. Even Money Saving Mom has posts that are not related to finance or being thrifty!

If *you* no longer like the name, I say switch it. Otherwise, I don't think it's a big deal. And I agree with others--I would be bummed if you chose to be done entirely. But I totally understand the need for a break now and then!

~Kimber said...

Love your blog just the way it is!!!
Don't change a thing!!

Anonymous said...

It's your blog so do whatever feels right for you - but :) I love the title even though I come more for the housewife/crafty/kitty updates.

Thirsty said...

love, love, love, love, love your blog! don't stop!

name: you know *i* wouldn't have a title like that, not b/c i don't like star wars, but just that its not relevant to my life - you have a full & complex life - there's got to be something, or several other somethings, that would serve as an apt title for your collection of thoughts - defining the purpose of your blog my help you identify possible titles - if its a diary type blog, then something like "keeping up with anne marie" or "anne marie's antics" might work

my 2 cents (for what its worth):
* absolutely keep blogging
* change the name
* but have a plan for notifying regular readers since it may involve an address change - a blogpost announcing "we have moved to"

Anonymous said...

Don't change it! I have a terrible time remembering web addresses as it is, and I know yours......

Plus your husband still likes Star Wars, right? I was sad when you got rid of all your non-SW links, so I think it's fine to keep the name & keep doing what you are doing. After all, it isn't a SW specific blog, it's your blog.

Eliza28 said...

I was told once a Texan always a Texan.. so once a Stormtrooper's Wife always a Stromtrooper's Wife .. :)