Married to the Empire

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


My deepest thanks to those of you who left kind and encouraging words for me after reading yesterday's post. I've been sitting on all my thoughts and feelings for so long now, that it actually felt nice to let it all out.

I discovered a wonderful group this summer: Page CXVI. They're putting out albums of hymns, often with added bridges that are powerful and beautiful. They've been my go-to music this summer.

Over and over, I've been drawn to their song "Joy." I found myself in tears the first time I heard it. It speaks to the current state of my heart. Life stinks sometimes, but we're still supposed to have joy because of the hope we have in Christ. We may not always feel it, but it's there nonetheless.

I found this video on YouTube. The only change is that the recorded version ends with "It Is Well With My Soul." It's the lead singer from Page CXVI, though. I recommend listening all the way through. I got it the first time, even before she reached the bridge, but maybe because I was there myself. I read on their blog that a lot of people have written to them to say that they couldn't finish the song because it didn't sound like she had joy. But that's the point.

Funny thing... I had to take Doogie back to the vet today for a blood pressure check. He flipped out as soon as I shoved him in his carrier, and his freak out continued once we were there. They couldn't do a reading on him in the back with all the barking dogs, so they put me in a dark, quiet room with him, where we sat for about 20 minutes so that he could calm down. Doogie loves music, and he adores my singing, so I sat and rocked him and sang to him. "Joy" calmed him down beautifully.


Josh Healy said...

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Catherine said...

Wow, that video is amazingly emotional. I love how she took such a peppy "bible school" song and made it mean so much.

My prayers go out to Doogie and you!

*carrie* said...

Anne Marie,

I'd never heard of this group, but I'm listening to samples on their site right now and love it. Thanks for sharing.

Cindy said...

Great video/song. I totally get the premise. Love it! (And yes, I'm behind on reading your blog. . . )