Married to the Empire

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


We brought this Easter Lily home from church a couple of years ago. Steven planted it outside since Doogie would try to eat it if we kept it inside. (They're poisonous to cats.) We thought it died, but it blooms bigger and better every spring.

Can you see the bee?


Cathy VanPatten said...

We have day and tiger lilies planted in our raised beds in our condo front "yard" (if you can really call it that...), and they just spread and spread and spread. Every year there are more! I wonder if Easter lilies do the same?

It's very pretty!

ann said...

Wow! Beautiful! I'm scared to plant stuff here, I'm not artsy-crafty or good in the garden. But my boys each brought home sunflower sprouts that are thriving in their little plastic cups. I think I'll get big containers to try and grow them outside (too many rabbits to try in the ground). They are supposed to get really really tall, like 8 feet.

Ewokgirl said...

Cathy, that appears to be the case. This used to be one stalk, but now it's three. It's a little bigger each year.

Ann, I'm not a gardener myself, although I am trying this year. Flowers are easy, though. Just plant them and pretty much leave them alone. Anything from a bulb is super easy because they just come back on their own.