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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pulling Out the Sewing Machine

When I was having drain problems and ordered a garbage-disposal brush from The Clean Team last month, I went ahead and ordered a few other things. That order included some Furniture Feeder. Looking at their products, I saw that the furniture feeder is supposed to be used with the polishing cloths. The polishing cloths just look like squares of flannel. Having seen Shannon's post on how to make flannel burp cloths, I figured I could take her idea and make my own polishing cloths.

I did not bother with making things pretty and precise like her burp cloths. In fact, I didn't even measure anything. I took some flannel I had leftover from other projects and just cut squares or rectangles based on how much fabric I had. I sewed right sides together, leaving an open spot for flipping them right-side out. When I remembered, I also cut off the corners to make them not so bulky.

Once they were right-side out, I pinned the hole closed to keep the fabric neatly together.

I then sewed all around the cloth for a nice finished edge. This effectively closed the hole so that I didn't have to do any hand sewing, which I really dislike.

I wound up making 5 of these. I have plenty of the pink fabric left for more, but I think these will be more than sufficient for now.

This is just one of the projects I was referring to when I said that the creative bug was nipping at me. Now that I've successfully done this, my confidence in my sewing skills is up a bit, so I'm going to try some other stuff. If it works out, I'll share it with you when it's done!


AnneK said...

Y'all are so talented. It looks so cute. Keep us updated of the creativity.

ann said...

Oh I wish I could sew! Looks good, Anne Marie :)

Ewokgirl said...

Talented? I don't know... There's a lot of freedom in sewing when you don't actually care how it looks. ;-)

Thanks, though!

ann said...

Anne Marie! I got your comment about Cookie Monster Heather!!! You have no idea how much that cheered me up today! I'm so tired and grouchy (as you could probably see from my "Huff" post). And that dream you had is AWESOME!!! I'm still giggling about it. Thank you for sharing!!!!