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Monday, May 19, 2008

International Shipping

My niece Emily turns 7 next month, which means that Uncle Steven and Aunt Anne Marie have a nice present to send to her. As she had her ears pierced when she was home last month, we bought her some very sparkly new earrings. Emily loves sparkly things, much like her aunt!

Earrings were the solution to problem #1 in international shipping. They are small and weigh little, which is important for keeping shipping costs low.

Problem #2 is what to ship it in. The store gave me a nice little jewelry box to put the earrings in, along with a cardboard box for wrapping.

The presentation box adds a little class to the gift, but it also adds significant weight. I had to set it aside. Instead, I used some pretty bluebonnet tissue paper to wrap the earrings in. (I like to throw in little reminders that these kids acquiring British accents are actually 6th-generation Texans!)

I wrapped the box in pretty paper and ribbon.

It's now in a padded envelope, addressed, and ready to go to the post office.

Updated to add: The package was only $3 to ship! If you regularly ship things overseas, you'll know that that's cheap!

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ann said...

That turned out GREAT! She will love those earrings :) And I love the bluebonnet thing! I remember reading The Legend of the Bluebonnet (I think by Tomie dePoala) to my second graders.