Married to the Empire

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cats: The Musical

We went to Fair Park in Dallas last night to see Cats. Steven had never seen it, and it had been 16 years for me. I was worried about whether or not Steven would like it, especially as other guys were giving him sympathy for having to go and making it out to be dreadful. (Thanks a lot, guys!)

I met Steven at his office, then we went out for a quick bite to eat. We arrived early at the theater, so we had some time to look around and just people watch. I discovered that many of the women of Dallas have a dressing problem. Way too many people wearing jeans. On opening night. And if they did dress up, they did bizarre things like wear rubber flip-flops with a nice dress.

I snapped a picture of the lineup of posters for this year's Dallas Summer Musicals.

The musical was wonderful. It was not as good a production as the one I saw in London all those years ago, but it was still enjoyable. The woman who sang "Memory" was amazing. The set was beautiful, and they did some interesting things beyond the stage.

Best of all, Steven enjoyed it! Singing, dancing cats will never be his thing, but he did enjoy the show, and that's what matters. Besides, he made his wife very, very happy by agreeing to go.


TJ said...

Glad he had a good time. Mine got plenty of jokes from his coworkers the time I drug my hubby to Phantom when it was in Seattle. He whined and complained and come to think of it, it was pre-marriage so the trip with my parents and I was completely optional. He LOVED it! He worked at a warehouse driving forklift at the time, and was singing the songs for weeks after while driving.

Ewokgirl said...

My hubby has seen Phantom, too, although I haven't. He loved it.

We realized last night that in nearly 10 years of marriage, that was the first time we'd been to the theater together. That's just inexcusable! We'll definitely go more in the future. If only it weren't so expensive!

ann said...

YAY!!! I'm so glad you had a great time :) And you MUST see Phantom, it's awesome.