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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lifetime Warranty

My hubby just taught me a good lesson about warranties. We have a motion-detecting light on the corner of our garage. After the hail storm, it was no longer working. We're not sure if it was the hail that directly caused it to break, or a cracked casing that moisture got into. Regardless of the cause, it needed to be replaced, as it was not responding to any of Steven's attempts to repair it.

Steven went to Lowe's to pick up a new one. He didn't like the $70 price tag. As he was looking at the box, he saw that it stated it has a lifetime warranty. He decided to look into that.

When he returned home, he had me dig up the book on the light. He found a phone number to call, talked to a representative, and was told to package up the broken light and send it in.

Look what arrived today:

We did spent $10 on postage to send the old one in, but we still saved $60 by following up on the lifetime warranty. It's a minor amount, but in light of all the other repairs that need to be done around our house, every little bit helps!

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ann said...

Way to go!! Aren't you glad you kept the booklet!