Married to the Empire

Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend Snapshots

We had a too-busy weekend. We've needed grass for a few spots in our yard, so Steven spent Saturday and Sunday laying sod. (Non-yardworking me actually helped willingly on Saturday.) Not only does the yard look better, but it should help with some of our drainage issues.

While laying sod, Steven also set up this space for flower gardening:

I decided to spruce up our deck chairs, which were getting a little rusty. Some Rustoleum spray primer, followed by regular spray paint, and they're good as new:

And a very sweet and unexpected surprise awaited me on Sunday morning:

Some of the girls in our youth group presented me with this card they'd made for me. They signed it with very sweet messages saying I'd blessed their lives and am like a second mother. It just about made me cry. I'm truly blessed with some great kids in my life.


AnneK said...

How sweet is that!!! You are indeed blessed to be teaching such kids.

ann said...

That is just precious! You are having such a postive impact on those girls' lives! :)