Married to the Empire

Monday, October 27, 2008


I was very anti-MySpace and Facebook for quite some time. I blog, so why do I need to do the social-page thing, as well? But when my husband signed up, I started to see the benefits. He's suddenly back in touch with people he knew years ago.

Considering that I moved a lot as a kid, even to Europe for a while, I've lost track of a lot of people. I decided to give Facebook a try.

Wow! I'm now back in touch with sorority sisters, friends from my Texas high school, my Louisiana junior high, and most excitingly, my high school in Europe. I now have more excuses to visit London again (as if seeing my nieces weren't excuse enough) as a few friends are living in and around London.

It's sort of odd, though, seeing all these people from different places and periods of my life all intermingling on my page. Even stranger is looking at friend lists and discovering that my friends are friends with people I knew at a different time. A sorority sister is friends with someone I knew from kindgergarten to 3rd grade, for example. Strange stuff!

Anyone else do the Facebook or MySpace thing?

Edited to add: I've heard from my sorority sister who has a picture with an old elementary-school friend of mine. She said she doesn't actually know her; that was a group shot from a shower. So I guess I should say that my friends from different periods of my life apparently have some mutual friend(s).


Linds said...

Facebook is great - I took a while to join in, but like you, have found so many of my old friends, and I am a good deal older than you, so there are not quite as many on it yet. But times are changing! It is great fun!

AnneK said...

Never tried facebook or myspace. I am in orkut. A lot of my friends are in there. It is pretty amazing the amount of people from my past that I met there.

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

I love Facebook. :-) It has been an amazing tool to help me get to know people in my church, as well as connecting with old friends and staying in contact with long distance friends. I can be pretty shy, so I find Facebook a nice way to talk to people and getting that awkward first step out of the way and getting to know them better. I've also used it to plan our college reunions, and it makes it easier for me to invite people I'm not necessarily close to.

I did MySpace for a while, but I thought it clunky and rather... dirty. The ads are inappropriate and I found it difficult to use.

I'm totally adding you as a friend on Facebook. :-)

Vader's Mom said...

If I go missing from my blog - I'm on facebook.

It's fun to talk with people that have gone missing from my life.

Michelle said...

I do facebook. I resisted it at first as well. I must have gotten 50 invites to join before I decided to check it out and see what the big deal was. Then it became an obsession for awhile as I kept finding old friends and catching up, I mean I was ALWAYS on there. I still really enjoy the connection it provides but thankfully am not obsessed anymore lol!

Sue said...

I do Facebook too...I know it's been around for awhile, but it seems like SO MANY people I know suddenly joined, and more are joining all the time. It's such fun to catch up with people, and just keep track of what's going on in the lives of my far-flung friends and family.
It can be a huge timewaster, though!

*carrie* said...

I'm on Facebook, but I'm not a big fan. It's kind of weird to me to "re-connect" with people I knew years ago, especially if we weren't that close to begin with. I can see how people spend a ton of time on there, but I'd rather use that time for blogging.