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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Winner and a Giveaway

I was so excited to learn that I'd won a giveaway on Annie's blog! A $25 gift card to Amazon was mine! All mine! I wound up ordering these 3 books:

I have to credit Carrie with 2 of the books I ordered. She'd reviewed Nancy Twigg's From Clutter to Clarity and J. Matthew Sleeth's Serve God, Save the Planet, which is what piqued my interest in them. Nancy Twigg's Celebrate Simply is just another book of interest I discovered while ordering my books.

I have only read 2 chapters so far in From Clutter to Clarity, but I've already been challenged (in a good way). This book does not merely deal with physical clutter, but also with spiritual, emotional, and financial clutter, and it is written from a Christian perspective. This has been quite interesting to read in light of the cleaning out we did this past weekend. I'm astounded at how much stuff we've wasted money on in the past, not to mention the things that take up space in our home and our lives.

And, because I'm a goober who didn't carefully check her order, I accidentally ordered 2 copies of From Clutter to Clarity. In the spirit of giving, I've decided to host my own little giveaway here. For once it's not a Star Wars item! For a chance to win my extra copy of From Clutter to Clarity, just leave a comment on this post. (One comment only please; multiple entries will be deleted.) I'll choose a winner on Saturday, October 18.


Anonymous said...

Anne Marie,
I am honored that you would use your gift card to buy 2 (no, make that 3!) of my books. Enjoy!

Nancy Twigg, author of Celebrate Simply and From Clutter to Clarity

Vader's Mom said...

We could use that book at our house.


(And Star Wars giveaways are fun too - Will you be at the con later this month?)

AnneK said...

Hope you enjoy Serve God, save the Planet. I did. Easy to read and has a very common sense approach.

Ruby (Mouth) said...

LOL!! I have done that several times too. I would love to put this book into good use at my house.

angelleslament @

Beth said...

My husband would love to declutter even more, so I think this book would be a big help.

Your desk looks a lot better. I find it so ispiring to see other people's organizing before and after photos!

Elaine S. said...

Thanks for the chance to win. All these areas of my life and home could use a good de-cluttering!

Leah S said...

I wanna win! ;) My library doesn't have this book, and I've used up my inter-loan library books recently. Sounds like a good brain-thinking read.

Will Sears said...

Anne Marie,

I handle all communications for Dr. Matthew Sleeth, so I wanted to personally let you know that we are grateful for your choice of Serve God, Save the Planet! You are an inspiration to us for having chosen the books you did with your gift card!

A proposal: If you would like to write a brief review of the book -- and it can be positive and negative -- we will feature it on the site. People just like you are the ones that keep us going.

If so, e-mail me at, and we'll get things arranged! Thanks so much!

Will Sears
Public Relations Consultant
Blessed Earth

Sue said...

Oooh, I hope I win! Organization is NOT my strong point - but I'm trying. Your recent posts about cleaning up have been apropos because I've been doing a bit of that myself - last week I finally organized under the bathroom sink; this week I'm tackling the seasonal clothes switcheroo (and weeding out stuff for Goodwill).

Jill said...

Since moving I have been in the decluttering mood. I would love to read this book to help me tackle the rest of the clutter. Thanks,

Suzie G. said...

This looks like a great book. I have a lot of clutter both material and emotional.

SK said...

Clutter is an on going challenge for me.

Thanks for your kind, humble and friendly blog. It makes me feel like I know you.


becky s. said...

Oooh, all *3* of those books sound like great reads!

Leia said...

Having just spent a week at my parents' house, I'm ready to de-clutter even more than I already have!

Becky said...

I'd love to win the book. Thanks!

Catherine said...

Give-a-ways are when all the lurkers come out of the wood work! That sounds like an awesome book - definitely something that my boyfriend and I could benefit from! :)

Meg in Tally said...

I've never heard of those books before! Considering how cluttered my house could sure use some clarity!

Dustin F said...

Hi, my name is Dustin and I work with a Christian environmental organization called Christians in Conservation: A Rocha USA. I noticed that you mentioned the book "Serve God, Save the Planet" in your post, and I thought that you might like to know that sponsors its author, Dr. Matthew Sleeth, as a "creation care evangelist." We would love for you to check us out at our website, You might also be interested in the website for Dr. Sleeth's book,