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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Live Clue

We played a live version of the game Clue last year with our youth group. It was so much fun that we decided to do it again this year. The youth leaders all got together to scout out locations on the property we were to play on, then we spent time writing out all the riddles that would lead to the clues.

As we did last year, we dressed up as the characters/suspects. Steven reprised his role as Col. Mustard, but I decided to be Professor Plum this year:

Mrs. Peacock:

A rather frightening, yet hilarious Mrs. White:

(Even scarier is that I keep thinking of Alice in Wonderland whenever I see that picture!)

I failed to get pictures of Miss Scarlet or Mr. Green. Oops.

I had fun playing the Professor. We made the kids do stuff for us before we'd give them a clue. I loved watching their faces as I asked for an example of dramatic foil as found in Act III of Romeo and Juliet (I don't even remember if there is dramatic foil within that act!), an example of litotes as found in Beowulf (I know there's an example in the description of Grendel's mother, but I can't remember specifics), and a recitation of Puck's speech at the end of Act V of A Midsummer Night's Dream (this I can actually do). The looks on the faces of the middle schoolers were priceless! The high schoolers actually attempted to answer my questions. Badly, but they attempted it. One of the 7th grade girls told me, "Professor Plum is mean; I don't like her! I like Anne Marie." Awwww.

The kids wore costumes, too, but they weren't Clue related. As always, I won't show their pictures here since I don't know who reads or stops by here. But if you're on Facebook with me, you can see them there since I know you and trust you!

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