Married to the Empire

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stocking Up

I'm the sort of grocery shopper who likes to stock up on stuff when it's at a low price. I was running ridiculously low on various canned goods (as in, down to one can or zero of things we use), so I was quite happy to find some really good sales in the past couple of weeks.

It appears that the days of 3/$1 canned goods are gone, so I jumped on a sale of various canned goods for 50 cents each. I stocked my own shelves, bought some for the local food pantry, and set aside 6 cans that will be part of our admission price (plus $1 each) for the State Fair of Texas in a couple of weeks.

Big Lots had cranberry sauce for only 33 cents a can. The lowest I've ever seen it at grocery stores is $1/can, so that was quite the bargain! And no, they're not about to expire.

Of course, most of my savings are completely wiped out when you factor in the cost of the horseradish mustard pictured off to the left. That and some vinegar-based BBQ sauce that comes from New York and isn't sold here cost me a ton (mostly in shipping). But it's so worth it! I believe in saving where you can so you can afford the things you really want.


AnneK said...

Is the horseradish mustard you are talking about a yellow one you get in Chinese restaurants? If you and I are talking about the same one, I nearly died tasting that one time.

Ewokgirl said...

I don't think it's the same stuff in Chinese restaurants, but I could be wrong. This is Weber's brand, and I can't buy it down here. A friend up North got us hooked on it.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree about saving on some things so you can enjoy other more expensive things.

I've been working on stocking up the pantry this week too, with the economic situation in mind. It can't hurt.


ann said...

Ooh! I should send you a bottle of Cookie's BBQ Sauce made in Wall Lake, IA. It's the best ever. Since we moved away from Iowa I bought a case of it online this summer. We have four bottles left. It's not so vinegar-y though, it's more sweet. They have various kinds, but I love the sweet stuff.